Last Days of Summer

I love summer.  I love sunshine and warm temperatures.  I love dressing in a tank top, shorts, and sandals.  I love sunsets at 9 pm.  I love barbeques.  I love sitting on the beach with a good book.  Summers make me happy. It is nearly the end of summer.  This weekend is Labor Day weekend, traditionally […]

Hey! I’ve got worms!

I’ve got worms y’all! Eww!  Not that kind, but compost worms!  I’m super excited.  I can’t have chickens where I currently live.  I traveled too much this Spring/Summer so I wasn’t able to plant any vegetables in containers on my patio.  I nearly killed all of my houseplants when I was gone for 25 days.  […]

I Asked for a Humble Spirit, but…….Seriously?

Prayer is a funny thing.  We pray, expectantly, but when those prayers are answered we are often surprised.  Why is that?  Perhaps we are surprised and overwhelmed by God’s goodness toward us.   I certainly have felt undeserving of many of God’s blessings in my life.  Sometimes though, the answers we get aren’t what we expected. […]

New Beginnings

Today I officially begin my own website/blog.  I’m pretty excited about it.  It is the culmination of a dream I’ve held for several years.  It may be rough going at first, but then dream building takes work, doesn’t it? You see, I have a dream of living a totally different life than the one I’m […]