Love At First Sight

It all started during a conversation with a friend.  The words southern, genteel, and charming captured my attention.  I think I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “Right, every woman’s dream.”  But I have to admit that I was curious, though her description seemed just too good to be true.  My friend continued to gush with the enthusiasm […]

I’m Still Here!

Sorry for the long absence!  The hubz and I were traveling for a week with our Marriage Growers International ministry.  When we got home we discovered a glitch with the computer and asked for tech support from Microsoft.  I didn’t realize my computer would be commandeered by techs working in India for a week and […]

Life Lessons From The DMV

The time I’d dreaded for so long had finally come.  I was up against a deadline that I couldn’t escape.  Yes, dear friends, it was time to renew my driver’s license at the DMV.  The “I’d rather have a root canal than stand in that line” Department of Motor Vehicles.  Yeah, you know what I’m […]

Preparing for Emergencies

I’m posting a short blurb today so I can pass along the link to a website I found very helpful.  Everyone, no matter where they live, should have a minimum of 72 hours worth of food and water to provide for their family in case of emergency, whether staying home or leaving quickly.  I live […]

Is Anger Conquering You?

The other day my husband told me about another marriage in trouble.  Seems the grass was looking a lot greener on the other side of the fence!  Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear of another betrayal.  Another devastated family.  One spouse walks out.  The other spouse and children (if any) are left in […]

Washing my face with food

Ever heard of the Oil Cleansing Method?  If not, the simplified version goes something like this.  Mix up a batch of oils, smear on face and rub in real good until your mascara and eyeliner run down your cheeks`a la Alice Cooper.  Never heard of Alice Cooper?  Stop reading.  You are too young to worry about […]