MOPS – What I said

It has been two weeks since my MOPS talk on December 5th.  The morning went well.  Very well.  I love to speak in front of a group of women when (1) they actually want to hear what I have to say! and (2) I am passionate about the subject.  Marriage is such a subject.  It is […]

MEANopause and The Perfect Storm

Yep, I spelled that right!  MEANopause.  Sometimes my body just acts so mean.  What’s up with gaining 25 pounds in four years?  Is it nice to wake me up all hours of the night with sweaty tidal waves that wash over me with a vengeance, then leave me cold and shivering with damp clothes and soggy […]

MOPS talks and other stuff

I’m frequently asked to speak at mommy groups – MOPS, Mom2Mom, and the like.  Sometimes I speak by myself, sometimes with Ken.  The topic is always marriage.  We have an upcoming speaking engagement on December 5th and I’ve been mulling over what aspect of marriage to focus on. As I was putting on some makeup […]