365 Simple #12 – Simple Sabbath

Once again it is Sunday.  It is the day that I presently recognize as my Sabbath day, although it could change in the future.  Whether you celebrate from sundown Friday evening to sundown Saturday, all day Saturday, or all day Sunday it is important to establish a day that you rest from your work and […]

365 Simple #11 – Simple Make Up

  “Hello.  My name is Leslie and I am over 50.  I am a former member of AA.”  Not the real AA, but Anti-Aging Anonymous. I am constantly being told by society that I must look like I am 25 by any means possible.  Stretch.  Fill.  Paralyze.  Die.  Suction.  Bleach.  What rubbish! I am now a proud […]

365 Simple #10 – Simple Wardrobe

When I initially began my journey toward a more minimalistic life I had to confront the beast that was my closet.  I don’t have a walk-in closet in my master bedroom, rather a long(ish) narrow one with upper and lower poles for hanging clothes that takes up two-thirds of the space.  The other one-third only […]

365 Simple #9 – A Journey Toward Minimalism

I first got inspired to take a hard look at my life, my possessions, and how I was spending my money by first stumbling upon The Minimalists.  This is the blog from two guys, Joshua and Ryan, who write about their lives with less stuff.  I really enjoyed reading how they cleared out and minimalized Ryan’s […]

365 Simple #8 – Simple Gratitude

So, how are you doing today?  Are you feeling happy?  Grumpy?  Frustrated?  Sad?  Overwhelmed?  Angry?  Depressed?  Has the week been a good one, or one you’d like to forget? Were you late for work, spill your coffee on your favorite shirt, get caught in a huge traffic jam, or get chewed out by a customer?  I’ve had […]

365 Simple #6 & 7 – Simple Hygiene

I simply want to give you a few recipes for DIY deodorant and toothpaste.  I originally started writing this post giving all sorts of links to articles about the perils of aluminum in deodorant and the problem with those tiny polyethylene microbeads found in some commercial toothpastes.  I even threw in a few references to […]

365 Simple #5 – Simple Sabbath

The concept of Sabbath is simple.  A day of rest.  Rest from the every day hurry and scurry.  Rest from work and stress.  Rest from filling every moment with activity.  Rest. My prayer is that today, you will take a day of Sabbath.  Rest.  Reflect on God, His goodness, His provision,  and His love and then just […]

365 Simple #1-4 Simple Cleaning

  Today, October 1, 2014 marks the beginning of 365 days of simple.  I (hopefully) will post 365 simple ideas to improve your life — in one form or another. Today, for this first post I wanted to share how simple it is to make pretty much all of your house cleaning products with three […]