52 Ways #6

“Adopt” one or more of his children as someone you pray for, encourage, and support regularly As a parent I love the idea of someone “adopting” one or all of my children to lift them up in prayer on a regular basis.  I love the idea of others coming alongside my children to encourage them […]

Personal Update – aka: I’m still here!

A few people have inquired if I am still alive.  I guess they were worried that I’d perished from high blood pressure which led to skeletal collapse from frail bones.  Well, the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated.  I’m still here folks! Let me give you a quick rundown of what has been happening […]

52 Ways #5 – Don’t Forget Other Pastors

Up to this point these posts on 52 ways to care for your pastor have been out of sync with the posting on the Standing Stone Ministry website.  I started posting here after I began writing the series over there.  Well, that’s changing.  In order to bring more order and simplicity to my life I […]