52 Ways: #10

    Defend him/her against critics Can I just state here and now that sometimes ministry is tough.  Pastors are the lightning rods for criticism in the church. “The church ought to….” “Why doesn’t the pastor do….” “Why did the pastor do…….” “In my last church we did things this way……..” “In my last church […]

This, That and 365 Simple – Time Management

I’d taken a short break from writing the 365 Simple posts that turned into a long break.  Funny how that works!  I’m refreshed, my brain is unfogged (spellcheck hates that word since I just made it up), and now I’m ready to get back into a regular writing habit here and on the Standing Stone […]

Active pursuit of the dream

Today’s post may be a bit graphic for some.  I hope not.  I hope you’ll continue with me through the entire thing and celebrate with me along the way as I share how I accomplished one huge task in pursuit of my dream. In case you don’t already know, I will tell you what that dream […]

52 Ways: #9

Offer him* and his wife free sessions with a financial planning consultant who will help them budget and anticipate college education for children and for retirement. News flash!  Your pastor didn’t go into ministry for the money.  And no, your pastor does not get to keep all of the money in the offering plate. We […]

52 Ways: #8

Know the name of the pastor’s spouse and children.  Greet them by name when you see them. Does it seem strange to you that I would encourage people to learn their pastor’s spouse’s name?  You’d expect everyone would know the name of the pastor’s wife/husband, wouldn’t you?  Yet, in larger churches or in the case […]

52 Ways: #7

  Send them on a Standing Stone retreat Now that the holidays are over many of us are making plans for summer vacations and weekends away.  During these cold months we dream of somewhere, anywhere warm and tropical.  This is a great time to also make plans for the ministry couples in your church to […]