52 Ways: #19

Write a letter of appreciation to your denominational headquarters or board members Do you think your pastor is doing an awesome job?  Do you appreciate the time it takes him/her to prepare the message every week, meet with church members, and take care of church business?  Do you want to be an encouragement in his/her […]

Big News: Moving toward the dream

I’ve got some big news to share today. After years of talking and dreaming we are finally taking the steps toward making those dreams come true.  To be perfectly honest, we are mostly moving toward making my dreams come true.  My husband loves me and has stated repeatedly that his desire is to be a dream maker […]

52 Ways: #18

Offer a professional service for a deep discount or for free April showers bring May flowers….what do Mayflowers bring?  If you answered Pilgrims, you’d be right……and wrong.  April showers bring dirty cars.  Whether you live in sunny So Cal or in snow-weary Boston spring weather showcases our dirty automobiles.  Do you own or work at […]

52 Ways: #17

Offer to babysit/take the kids overnight Does your pastor have babies, young children, or even teens?  Do you know if your pastor and his/her spouse have a regular date night?  Have you ever thought about offering to babysit the kids or invite the kids to stay with your family overnight? Obviously, you need to have […]

52 Ways: #16

  Allow her personal business to remain her personal business Back in the late 80’s my husband was on staff at a 10,000+ member church.  The associate pastor’s wife had very short, very thin hair.  That is until the Sunday she showed up at church with long hair to her waist.  Huh?  No one had […]

52 Ways: #15

Forgive Today is Good Friday; the day we humbly and gratefully remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Why did Jesus die?  The shedding of blood was necessary for the forgiveness of sin.  Jesus paid the ultimate price so that you and I could be forgiven. Matthew 18:21-22 gives us the account of […]