52 Ways: #23

Upon hearing scandalous news withhold judgement and seek truth Ever notice how many television shows, newspapers, magazines, and websites report only outrageous and scandalous news?  Ever wonder why there are so many of these types of publications?  Because, in general, people loved to be shocked.  We kind of love those jaw dropping moments when we […]

52 Ways: #22

Invite them to your home for dinner Want me to give you some insider information?  Lean in close and I’ll tell you……………………..your pastor’s social calendar is not full for the next 10 years.  While he/she may be very busy with church obligations there are probably very few scheduled dates that entail breaking bread with a […]

52 Ways: #21

Let the family use your vacation home or timeshare Summer is almost here!  Kids will soon be finished with the school year and families are making plans for a vacation trip.  Your pastor and his/her family are no exception.  Everyone looks forward to the Dog Days of Summer and a little time for R & […]

52 Ways: #20

Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries I’ve got an easy one here for you, folks.  What do you say we all find out our pastor(s) birthday and anniversary date (if married, of course) and overwhelm him/her/them with cards? Did you ever seen Miracle on 34th Street?  Remember the scene at the end when the U.S. Postal Service […]

Short hiatus

Have you ever noticed how time seems to increase in speed the closer you get to a big event?  I’ve been looking forward to our move in July for nearly a year now while my life chugged along at a normal, steady pace.  All of a sudden I find myself with too many things to […]