52 Ways: #27

Volunteer to minister to the homebound or make hospital visits Volunteering is a beautiful thing.  Not only are you meeting a need in the church, but you experience personal fulfillment when you volunteer to serve others. My husband and I served at a church with the strongest volunteer force I’d ever seen.  That was good […]

52 Ways: #26

Schedule a Sunday to take over the service This week’s suggestion takes some forward planning.  It involves giving your pastor or other key ministry leaders a weekend off.  In essence, you’re kicking them out and telling them to go away for the day or weekend and have a great time.  Or sleep in.  Their choice. […]

52 Ways: #25

Provide a Sunday afternoon or a weeknight meal for the family Have you ever been on the receiving end of a meal provided from another family or church member?  During difficult times have people dropped by your house with dinner so you didn’t have to trouble yourself to cook when you were recovering from surgery, […]

52 Ways: #24

Invite the kids on an outing Just as ministry can take its toll on adults, it can also take its toll on children.  When mom or dad is blessed by others, the kids are blessed as well.  When mom or dad is criticized by others, the kids get hurt too.  I often wonder if people […]