365 Simple #15-18 – Simple ways to start using coconut oil

Slide1I’m bundling the next four simple tips because they all have to do with coconut oil.  I love the stuff.  There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of uses!  Coconut oil used to have a bad reputation, but that is quickly changing.  Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid that is said to knock the snot out of cholesterol levels in your body!  Not only that, it contains vitamins E and K, and also iron.  To make it even more special it has antimicrobial and antifungal properties!  Did I already say that I love this stuff?  It is easy to find it almost everywhere nowadays.  If you live in the middle of nowhere you can find a source on Amazon and have it delivered to your door.  I buy mine at Trader Joe’s for a great price.  I’ve also purchased it at Costco in a giant tub.

Still not convinced that you want to eat it or cook with it?  We’ll start off with baby steps.  I’ve got a few tips for using it in place of store bought, chemical laden products.  Ready?  Sure you are!

#15  Care for hands and feet

Got ragged cuticles?  Slather coconut oil directly on your cuticles and nail beds and massage away.  Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and will smooth and condition rough hands.  Got rough cracked heels?  Apply coconut oil, massage, put on white cotton socks and go to bed.  In the morning your feet will feel softer and the calluses will appear less rough.  Do this every night for a week or two.  You’ll be wearing those sexy strappy sandals once again.

#16  Shine up those curly locks

Got a few fly-aways or your hair tends to frizz?  Take a very small dab of the oil and rub it into your hands.  Very carefully rub your hands over your hair, especially on the ends.  Your hair will soak up the oil and will look nice and shiny and will be more manageable.  Got dandruff or need a deep conditioner because you’ve wrecked your hair with over processing?  Coconut oil to the rescue.  Mix equal parts coconut oil and honey (preferably raw unprocessed) and apply it to your scalp first, working out to the ends of your hair.  Put your hair in a bun and relax for 40 minutes.  Wash off as usual.  Do this once a month and you’ll notice less flakes and healthier looking hair.

#17  Light facial exfoliator

Mix a little coconut oil with a little baking soda (I love that stuff, too!).  Gently rub over your entire face, avoiding the most sensitive eye area, then wash off with warm water.

#18  Makeup remover

Coconut oil will remove even the toughest makeup.  I’m talking to you waterproof mascara and eyeliner!  Gently rub your entire face with the coconut oil, taking extra care around your eyes.  The oil will work its way into your pores and lift out the makeup and grime.  You’ll look like a raccoon before you wipe it off, but its worth it to have all of those harsh ingredients off of your eyelashes and skin before going to sleep.  Wash your face as usual (preferably with your own homemade oil cleanser).  You can rub a little over each eyelid at the lash line to condition your eyelashes too.

So there you have it.  Not so hard, right?  I’ll post some more uses for coconut oil in the future – because I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  But this is enough for now.

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