52 Ways: #50

52ways[1]Pay for a gym membership………….or not

Now that the holidays are officially upon us and most of us have been eating our way through the month of November, plan to eat all through December, and indulge ourselves on New Year’s Eve our thoughts will soon turn to New Year’s resolutions or goals.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but I am a fan of goals.  I always make a list of goals for the New Year and quite often I itemize them by month.  I love checking an item off the list as it is completed.

I’ve been overindulging a bit on the Maple Bacon Chipotle Pecan Popcorn and Cinnamon Chip Creamed Scones that I’m making for gifts this year and the old yoga pants are feeling a bit tight in all the wrong places.  I now have a goal to lose those pesky holiday pounds and to maybe actually do some yoga.  I’ll bet you’re feeling the pinch too.  The same goes for your pastor.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to help him/her get into shape while you help yourself as well?  I don’t like to go to the gym by myself, it is a bit intimidating in the free weight room when I’m alone, but I love to meet a friend or workout buddy there.  I am more apt to actually go to the gym if someone is counting on me to show up.  If you volunteered to be your pastor’s workout buddy you’d be accomplishing two things at once.  You would be compelled to exercise and so would your pastor.

Is a gym membership just too expensive for you to buy one for yourself and your pastor?  How about asking several church members to go in on a membership with you?  Perhaps one or two small groups would sponsor a membership for the pastor and his wife.

Is going to the gym not your thing?  No problem.  There are so many other ways to get some exercise and have some fun.  One church I know has a small group that meets weekly for mountain biking.  Another has a road bike group.  I’ve personally been involved in a women’s group that met every Saturday morning to run together.  One year I asked a friend to train with me to walk a marathon.  Perhaps your pastor or his wife would be interested in something like that.  Before my husband and I started dating we played on a church softball team.  One day I called a fly ball but he wouldn’t stop running in my direction to catch it.  I kept yelling and he kept running.  Finally, as he reached up to grab MY fly ball I knocked him to the ground and snagged that ball.  He says he fell in love with me when I looked down at him and announced in my haughtiest voice, “I said I got it!”  I’m not advocating a dating service, but church baseball, volleyball, and basketball teams are loads of fun!

Ever thought about issuing your pastor an exercise challenge?  Recently I participated in a 1,000,000 steps in 100 days challenge.  Each person in the challenge used a pedometer of some kind to track their steps each day.  The goal was to average 10,000 steps a day.  My secret weapon was my little Fitbit gadget.  Never heard of a Fitbit?  Then do some research!  You’ll discover that having an electronic pedometer that syncs with your computer and tracks your steps, your mileage, and your calorie burn is an addiction.  I wear my Fitbit every day and get very upset if I happen to leave the house without it.  There are other gadgets similar to a Fitbit on the market and most are anywhere from $50 to $100. Perhaps you could pick up one for yourself and one for your pastor or form a group and have everyone pitch in.   They all allow you to keep track of your steps on your dashboard for all of your friends to see.  Nothing like a little friendly competition between the pastor and his congregation!

Does this sound like fun to you?  Pastors like to get out and exercise/play just as much as the next guy.  You’ll be doing your pastor (read:  all of the pastors/ministry leaders) and perhaps his wife a favor if you’ll ask him/her to join you in some form of exercise.  You’ll build muscles and burn fat while building a relationship.  What have you got to lose?

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