Homemade Yogurt – It’s Super Easy!

The weather for the past few weeks has been rain.  More rain. Thunderstorms.  Rain.  More thunderstorms. Consequently I’ve been in the house a lot.  I’ve been using my time wisely though.  I’m continuing to purge and give away items I don’t use.  I’m getting ready to move into less than 600 square feet.  You can check […]

Out of the darkness into the light

Gosh.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  April 7th was my last post. Over two months now.  How time flies…….. It has been a long season of loss and grief.  Father-in-law in December, my precious mom in February, our spiritual father in April, then quite suddenly and completely unexpectedly my oldest and sweetest […]

Sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning

Hello.  It’s me.  Back from a very long and painful journey.  Long story short; I lost my best friend. My beautiful, kind, fun, adventurous, fearless, inspirational mom passed away in February.  It has been a difficult transition for me.  Simply put – I miss her.  Every day.  I’m also trying to figure out the next steps […]

52 Ways: #52

Commit to regularly pray for your pastor We are at the end of our 52 Ways series.  Or, is it just the beginning?  I’ve given you many, many ideas of ways to show your pastor, pastoral team, church leaders, spouses, and PK’s that you care for them.  Now the ball is in your court.  Have […]

52 Ways: #51

Tell him you appreciate him and why. This is an easy way to care for your pastor and others.  Simply tell him that you appreciate him and why.  The why is important.  We all love to be told what we are doing right, don’t we?  Your pastor and other leadership and staff members are no […]

52 Ways: #50

Pay for a gym membership………….or not Now that the holidays are officially upon us and most of us have been eating our way through the month of November, plan to eat all through December, and indulge ourselves on New Year’s Eve our thoughts will soon turn to New Year’s resolutions or goals. I’m not a […]

Sometimes life happens….and not in a good way

Hi there!  It’s been quite a while since my last personal post.  Life happened.  Big time.  Without going into too much detail, because it isn’t just my story involved, The Hubz and I have been dealing with illnesses and life and death kinds of situations with both of our mothers.  The last two months have been exhausting, emotionally […]

52 Ways: #49

Treat your pastor’s wife to a spa day (makes a great Christmas gift!) As a woman I must confess that I love anything spa related.  I love massages, facials, and mani’s and pedi’s.  I think it is the feeling of being pampered – even if it is only for an hour.  There is just something […]