Big News: Moving toward the dream

I’ve got some big news to share today. After years of talking and dreaming we are finally taking the steps toward making those dreams come true.  To be perfectly honest, we are mostly moving toward making my dreams come true.  My husband loves me and has stated repeatedly that his desire is to be a dream maker

Active pursuit of the dream

Today’s post may be a bit graphic for some.  I hope not.  I hope you’ll continue with me through the entire thing and celebrate with me along the way as I share how I accomplished one huge task in pursuit of my dream. In case you don’t already know, I will tell you what that dream

365 Simple #5 – Simple Sabbath

The concept of Sabbath is simple.  A day of rest.  Rest from the every day hurry and scurry.  Rest from work and stress.  Rest from filling every moment with activity.  Rest. My prayer is that today, you will take a day of Sabbath.  Rest.  Reflect on God, His goodness, His provision,  and His love and then just

With Less You Get More

I am coming to understand this whole minimalism/simplifying thing.  I get rid of the extra stuff in my life and in doing so I make room for what is really important.  You see, having lots of stuff means having to take care of lots of stuff.  Clean lots of stuff.  Maintain lots of stuff.  I

I’m Going Steady

I’ve got a new Zip in my step!  Literally!  I recently bought a new Fitbit Zip to keep track of my steps every day.  I love gadgets and I love competition.  I’m highly motivated by the thought of beating someone else.  Dunno why.  Just wired that way, I guess. Anyway, now that I’m going steady

Did you ever have a day?

Did you ever have a day where life seemed to sneak up on you, tap you on the shoulder, then smack you across the face?  I don’t mean life altering happenings such as accident, injury, death, or destruction.  Those are being run over by a Zamboni days.  Those are earth shattering days.  I’m not talking