52 Ways: #44

Meet at his* house on his day off in order to fix things around the place. I hate to burst any bubbles, but that dynamic preaching machine that can effortlessly translate from the original Greek or Hebrew text on a Sunday morning might be all thumbs on a Monday morning when he tries to fix

52 Ways: #43

Take him and his wife to lunch. Lunch.  The meal between breakfast and dinner.  It is usually much cheaper than dinner and eaten more leisurely than breakfast.  This is a great time to invite your pastor and his wife (even children) out for a meal in order to get to know them better and a

52 Ways: #42

Volunteer in an area of constant need – one that he mentions often. Do you know the areas of greatest need in your church?  Quite often they are the ones your pastor or a ministry team leader mentions frequently from the pulpit or in the weekly bulletin.  Is the nursery in need of workers?  Is

52 Ways: #41

Send an encouraging note to his/her kids away at college Most of the past 52 Ways To Care have had to do with pastors, ministry leaders, and spouses, with a few directed toward the children.  Today’s post is about caring for his* adult children. College is a transitional time in a young person’s life.  Some

52 Ways: #40

Take him and his wife to a nice restaurant and don’t talk about church We are almost to the end of our 52 ways to care for your pastor!  If you’ve been with us from the beginning you’ll have noticed that several of our suggested ways to love, appreciate, and care for your pastor have

52 Ways: #39

Use social media to give a thumbs up I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that giving a shout out or a thumbs up to your pastor on social media is a quick and very easy way of affirming and appreciating the job that he/she is doing.  Most of us have Facebook

52 Ways: #38

Offer to mow the grass, run an errand, pick up a needed item….. I have a book on my shelf that was given to my husband about a year ago at a pastor’s conference.  The title is Addicted to Busy.  It has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust since my husband brought it home. 

52 Ways: #37

Buy tickets for a movie, local sporting event, or concer Now that summer is winding down our thoughts turn to college football (Go Razorbacks!), the start of professional football, or the upcoming World Series – if you’re a sports fan, that is.  New movies are opening every weekend through December 31st in order to be