Sometimes life happens….and not in a good way

Hi there!  It’s been quite a while since my last personal post.  Life happened.  Big time.  Without going into too much detail, because it isn’t just my story involved, The Hubz and I have been dealing with illnesses and life and death kinds of situations with both of our mothers.  The last two months have been exhausting, emotionally

So……about that short hiatus

Hello there!  I’m back.  Have you missed me? Way back at the beginning of May I told you that I was going to take a short break and then jump right back into blogging.  Yeah, about that…….life got busy, then busier, then my computer hard drive crashed, then we moved, then……….you get the picture. Happily,

Short hiatus

Have you ever noticed how time seems to increase in speed the closer you get to a big event?  I’ve been looking forward to our move in July for nearly a year now while my life chugged along at a normal, steady pace.  All of a sudden I find myself with too many things to

Life in a box

I read a blog post over at Becoming Minimalist that I keep thinking about.  The title of the post is, Three Lies That Kept Me From Simplifying My Life.  The author, Allison Vesterfelt, talks about the time a friend asked her, “What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to worry about

365 Simple: #53 – 57 Cultivate Culture

Does the title of this blog post sound sort of snooty?  I don’t mean it that way, but it seems in our current culture to talk about art, music, and literature is perceived as putting on airs or being fake.  I disagree.  Art, music, and literature are what separate us from the animals.  Enjoying and

365 Simple #1-4 Simple Cleaning

  Today, October 1, 2014 marks the beginning of 365 days of simple.  I (hopefully) will post 365 simple ideas to improve your life — in one form or another. Today, for this first post I wanted to share how simple it is to make pretty much all of your house cleaning products with three

Tea Time Tuesday

  August was a busy month for me.  Lots of travel and airplane trips.  I didn’t write much, but I did enjoy reading a few of these blog posts while I had limited internet access. Grab a glass of iced tea, or perhaps a very large glass of lemon water, and peruse these articles.  You just