52 Ways: #36

Love one another  “By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” John 13:35 Love.  We talk about it.  We sing about.  We all need it.  Why, then, is it so hard to show it at times? When we have disagreements or when our feelings have

52 Ways: #35

Schedule an appreciation Sunday The other day I was thinking about all the nice things said about a person at their funeral.  I’ve been at a few services with an open mic (not recommended) where it took a couple of hours for people to say all they wanted to say about the deceased.  It always

52 Ways: #34

Tell her you appreciate her, and why This one is for all of the pastor’s wives out there who are, in my opinion, the unsung heroes of the church.  Why do I say that?  Well, quite often the pastor’s wife is a BOGO or Two-fer.  You know, you “buy” the pastor and get the wife

52 Ways: #33

Loan him* your toys We are now nearing the end of summer; at least summer according to the school calendar.  In some parts of the country school children will be heading back to school in a little over a week, other areas still have several more weeks for fun in the sun. According to most

52 Ways: #32

This week, ask him/her specifically how you can pray – then follow up I’ve got an easy one for you, folks.  You don’t have to invite your pastor into your home, buy him dinner, volunteer to clean toilets, or spend a dollar!  All I’d like for you to do this week to care for your

52 Ways: #31

Invite your pastor and his/her spouse to a gathering to meet your friends This week’s suggestion on one way to care for your pastor may be a bit tough for some people.  The thought of inviting your pastor and his wife to a party with your friends might cause you to break out in a

52 Ways: #30

Have a quarterly or semi-annual church “refresh” day Whether you are a part of a very large church or a very small church it is a fact that church buildings get dirty, need repairs, and the landscaping needs constant attention.  Larger churches have budgets (some very large) for a team of custodians that spend their

52 Ways: #29

Encourage ministry wives to seek out a mentor or fellowship with other ministry wives This one is for all of the ministry wives out there.  To all of you ladies that are married to men in pastoral and ministry leader positions.  Thank you.  We love you.  We honor you.  Why?  Because we recognize that it