Coming up for air

It’s hard to believe that it is already February.  January passed in a blur.  I haven’t been sleeping well.  All day long I’m starting and stopping and not getting anything accomplished.  I can’t hold a thought in my head for more than a few minutes.  I am distracted.  My creative switch has been turned off.

Why?  One teeny, tiny little reason.


Mazey Grace has entered my life.  All four pounds of fury!  She is cute and funny.  She drives me crazy and makes me laugh.  She barks to go outside and potty, which is good, except she also barks to go outside and play, and eat rabbit poop.  I have to ask the vet if rabbit poop is a bad thing.  Hope not, she’s probably eaten her weight in it already.  She is a smart little thing.  We’ve only had her for five weeks and she’s already trained all of us!!

Up until today I hadn’t written a word for weeks!  I forced myself to sit in front of my computer (yes, with Mazey on my lap) and write out talking points for a Mom-2-Mom event I’m speaking at tomorrow.  I know, no pressure like waiting until the last moment!  But, Hallelujah! I think my brain has clicked on again and my writer’s block, or whatever it was, has passed and I will again be sending out blog posts to the masses waiting with baited breath.  Okay, more like 6, or 7, well, maybe 8 who read regularly and have asked where I’ve been.

The sabbatical is now over.  Miss Mazey will just have to control herself while momma is on the computer.

I’m back in business folks!

One thought on “Coming up for air

  1. Bobbie

    Hi Leslie,
    You guys have a very cute little fur baby there. I sure do miss you and Ken.
    Please tell him hi for me. I am glad you both are doing well. The girls and I
    are hanging in there with Jesus help. Haven’t heard from Nicholas in a very
    long time and I haven’t seen him in 9yrs. Please keep him in your prayers
    that maybe he will come home and see his Mom and Sister’s. Kenney is
    doing well, but he didn’t get to come home and see this Christmas. I was
    pretty sad about that, but what can you do !!! There dad got married again
    on Jan 3rd. None of them were happy about that. They are all still pretty
    mad at him. He married one of many women he had affairs with whe Katie
    was in 2nd grade, she is now 22yrs old. My youngest Kellie will be 14yrs
    old on Mach 12th. Nick will be 29yrs old in June and Kenney is 27yrs old.
    And I am really old now !! I can still remember when we all meet way back
    when I was Katie’s age. Boy was that a long time ago !!! Well you take care
    and God Bless You All Love In Jesus, Bobbie

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