Minimalism and Walmart – Not a good match

I think I’m two weeks into my minimalism epiphany.  I’ve been through my closet and dresser drawers.  I have three giant bags full of clothes and shoes that at one point I just had to have.  Now I can’t give them away fast enough.  I’ve also cleared out my bathroom of unwanted items.  My trashcan overfloweth.  It is painful to look at how much money all of these bags represent.

In order to drive the point home even further I tallied up my purchases at Walmart and Target for the past six months.  To say it was eye opening is an understatement!  It sickens me to say that at Walmart alone I spent $1,335.12.  My Target purchases were a more moderate $390.20.  The total from both stores is $1,725.32!  Nearly $2000 on items I cannot remember purchasing.  Nothing stands out as needed or significant.  I’m sure there were legitimate needs represented in the total, there would have to be.  But I am equally sure that most of the money went to impulse buys.  That new shiny whatchamajiggy that I just had to have is probably now in one of six boxes in my garage waiting to be picked up by The Salvation Army truck after my cursory attempt at minimizing my kitchen and living room.  Talk about buyer’s remorse!

With the hard evidence in front of my eyes I have made a firm decision.  I will only go to Walmart or Target with very specific items in mind.  Needs only.  I am resolved.  No more retail therapy for me.

My mother likes to shop at Walmart.  She is 93-years-old and looks forward to trips to the store.  I will continue to take her as often as she likes to go, but at those times when I don’t have any personal needed items to buy I will leave my debit card at home.  No money no temptation.

When I came to faith in Christ I repented of my sins and asked the Holy Spirit to help me live my life in a way that was pleasing to God.  Today I had to repent of my spending habits and ask for help to spend my (His, actually) money in a way that is pleasing to God.  Win-win I’d say.


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