Out of the darkness into the light

Gosh.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  April 7th was my last post. Over two months now.  How time flies……..

It has been a long season of loss and grief.  Father-in-law in December, my precious mom in February, our spiritual father in April, then quite suddenly and completely unexpectedly my oldest and sweetest friend.  I’m still in shock.  All were believers in Jesus.  All had committed their lives, and deaths, to him.  I rejoice that I will see them all again.  Still, it’s been tough, ya know?

Through it all, though, I have experienced profound peace.  Yes, I’ve cried buckets…..and buckets.  But, I’ve not cried those tears all alone.  I have been acutely aware of His presence.  He has never left me.  He has brought me comfort……and sweet kisses.  You know, those unexpected blessings that bring a smile to your face and a sparkle to you eyes – even tear-stained eyes.

Through the midst of the darkness there has been a beacon of light.  God has said, “I have given you a hope-filled future.”  Indeed he has!  I’m super excited to share our exciting news through pictures.

In early January we found this piece of land.  Just what we were looking for.  In the exact location we were hoping to live.  At a price that we could actually easily afford.

the dream beginsOur six month search for a home site came to an end.  We are now the proud owners of these 5 acres!

Next, we had to find someone to dig up the rich loamy soil that makes for outstanding gardens and rich pastures, but a terrible building site.  Seriously.  We had to pay someone to dig up our dirt and replace it will red clay and rock.  Seems our house foundation would crack and sink if the ground isn’t prepared correctly.

So, that’s what we did.

red dirt padAfter lots of research we settled on a company to build us a garage – 30 x 60.  We wanted enough room to park both cars inside, have enough space for mowing equipment (for obvious reasons) and various and sundry supplies needed to care for a 5 acre homestead — that includes ducks, chickens, and other livestock.  Finally, we wanted to eventually have a small office for The Hubz to work from (counseling and such) and for an art studio for me.  In the meantime, though, we needed enough space to live in for up to a year.  A year!  We decided the most prudent thing to do was to live on our property while we have our house built.  That way we will save money on rent and all utilities other than electric.  We will be squished into a 20 x 30 space – 600 square feet, including a bathroom!  It’s a good thing I’ve been downsizing and moving toward a minimalist lifestyle, isn’t it?

Here is the latest picture.

cement floor!In just a couple of days we will have the sides and roof on the garage.  Then the electrician and plumber do their work.  Next, The Hubz, his #2 brother, and his brother-in-law will set about building out the living space.  We are hopeful it will only take a month or so……..but, we’re hedging our bets by extending our lease for one extra month.  If all goes well we will be actually living in that tiny space way in the back.  Perhaps for a year.  Kind of makes me nervous, and excited, all at the same time!!!!

In the coming weeks I’ll show updates.  It has been thrilling, actually, to see my dream happening before my very eyes.  Me, a wanna-be homesteader, soon to become a real life homesteader.  Imagine that!

4 thoughts on “Out of the darkness into the light

  1. Karen Giordano

    Living in 600 sq. ft ? As Tony Little says; YOU CAN DO IT !!! Its amazing how flexible we are & how
    we can do anything we need to do when it helps to accomplish our goals. We are so excited for you !!!
    We love you both.

  2. Karen Giordano

    Living in 600 sq. ft. ? As Tony Little says, ” You Can Do It “. Amazing how flexible we can be
    when we have goals in mind. We are excited for you both. Love you.

    • I agree, Karen. It is going to take some getting used to, but we’ll make it work!

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