Personal Update – aka: I’m still here!

A few people have inquired if I am still alive.  I guess they were worried that I’d perished from high blood pressure which led to skeletal collapse from frail bones.  Well, the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated.  I’m still here folks!

Let me give you a quick rundown of what has been happening and why I’ve been silent on this front for a while.

Way back in November I’d written that I’d had a wake up call after a visit to my less than beloved doctor.  My blood pressure was high and I found out I had osteopenia (which I’ve since learned isn’t that big of a deal).  I have been taking the correct steps and my blood pressure is doing much better without medication, I’ve dropped a couple of pounds (but still have more to go), and I’ve been working on moving more.  All good things.

Also during that period of time I’ve been writing a 52 week series for Standing Stone Ministry on 52 Ways to Care for Your Pastor.  I have to admit that being committed to a series of articles that will be published every week for a year is kind of kicking my butt!  It’s not that the articles are hard to write (although I must admit that I find some of the “ways” kind of cheesy and have been putting off mentioning them), but it is the pressure of knowing that I have the weight of an entire Leader Care campaign riding on my shoulders.  The articles are being posted on Facebook and are being sent out each week in a 2,000+ email blast.  They are also being shared and reposted.  Lots and lots of people are reading those articles and I find it kind of scary to put myself out there.  So far I’ve only heard positive comments, but one woman did question why I assumed all pastors were men because I used the masculine pronoun he and him rather than the more cumbersome he/she or him/her.  Initially I had a disclaimer at the bottom of each email and blog post that we (Standing Stone) realize that there are many women pastors and do our best to be gender neutral, but sometimes in order to avoid being cumbersome blah, blah, blah……please understand.  I now know I have to have that disclaimer on everything that goes out to the masses in order to avoid offending people.

I’ve also been busy caring for grandkids.  With measles.  Yep, they went to Disneyland and came home with a little something extra!  To my daughter’s credit she didn’t know that they had been exposed before leaving them at my house while she and hubby went away for their 10th anniversary.  It’s all good though.  The boys are strong and healthy and have bounced back quite nicely.

I’ve also had several planning meetings as we launch a new ministry arm of Standing Stone.  We’re beginning a new quarterly campaign to honor and celebrate ministry wives for all that they do and for the unique and talented ladies that they are.  Our first event is in February.  There is a lot involved to do it right.  I’m working with a wonderful small group of women and we are hoping and praying that we get a good response from the wives that we invite.  Would you be praying along those lines for us?

So there you have it.  I’ve not been sitting around eating bonbons and watching soap operas.  I’ve just taken a short break from my personal blog to concentrate on ministry.  I am still going to complete my Simple 365 posts and, to that end, I’ve got lots of great tips from various websites, blog posts, and magazine articles to help you declutter and free the space in your home and your mind in 2015.  I’ve also got an exciting announcement that I’ll be sharing in the next month or so.  My life will be heading in a new direction in a few months, so will this blog, but you’ll have to rein in your excitement until I tell you about it.  It will be hard, I know, but you’ll get over it.

Thanks for hanging out with me so far!  Great things are ahead in 2015.  I can’t wait…………………

Soli deo Gloria!


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