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485px-Time_Warp_(7178293244)Have you ever noticed how time seems to increase in speed the closer you get to a big event?  I’ve been looking forward to our move in July for nearly a year now while my life chugged along at a normal, steady pace.  All of a sudden I find myself with too many things to do and not enough time to do them all!

Case in point; I still have to write 19 more blog posts of my 52 Ways to Care For Your Pastor series over on the Standing Stone Ministry blog.  I’m writing curriculum for our SS Associates training next week to include information on our new Ministry Wives Rock care ministry.  Ken and I are doing a retreat for Standing Stone with a ministry couple the week of May 11 through the 17th.  We are then flying to Arkansas to secure a rental home from June 9th through the 16th.  We leave June 18th for a trip up to northern California for a wedding on the 20th.  Plus, we’ve got a 94th birthday to plan for my mom the weekend of the 26th.  Finally, we have to pack in earnest for our projected moving date of July 16th or 17th.

I have a couple of great blog posts percolating around in my head on capsule wardrobes and finding your style in order to simplify your closet and your time getting dressed.  I found a fun questionnaire on line that I want to tell you about so you can figure out your personal style and avoid costly impulse buying.  I also want to talk a bit more about emergency preparedness.  We’ve had some water issues this past month and have spent several days without any running water.  I’ve got some suggestions about real life preparedness I want to discuss with you.

I also want to talk about minimalism and how it has made an impact on my life, how to go room by room and purge until you’ve made the space that recharges your batteries and makes your home feel restful and peaceful — all of which is easily doable.  The plan is to go take you along with me as I purge, then pack up so that on the other end I’m only dealing with things (1) I absolutely love, (2) I use almost every day, (3) give me a feeling of joy and peace.

Alas, all of my fun ideas have to take a hiatus while I work on more immediate and pressing needs.  Those needs, at this point, all have to do with Standing Stone Ministry and my obligations over there.  I’ll continue to schedule the “52 Ways” over here and you’ll get those in your inbox on Fridays.  Once I’m finished with that I’ll be back.  Promise.

Until then,

Peace & Joy


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