Simply God, Family & Chickens

Did you notice the change?  Subtle, but a big deal to me.  I changed the name of the blog from For the Love of God, Family & Chickens to Simply God, Family & Chickens.  Living simply is my new directive in life.  All areas of life.  My possessions.  My relationships.  My hair.  My beauty regime (if you could call it that).  My wardrobe.  My email inbox.  My time commitments.  My……well, pretty much everything!  Now I am all about Simply living; for God, with my family, and in every other area, including chickens.  Can’t forget those chickens.*


*Just an aside; I edited this tiny post because upon review I discovered the presence of four exclamation points in one paragraph.  I think I need to minimize my use of exclamation points.  I do NOT want to be the exclamation point queen!! (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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