So……about that short hiatus

Hello there!  I’m back.  Have you missed me?

Way back at the beginning of May I told you that I was going to take a short break and then jump right back into blogging.  Yeah, about that…….life got busy, then busier, then my computer hard drive crashed, then we moved, then……….you get the picture.

Happily, I’ve moved and am all (or pretty nearly) settled into the new digs.  Life is settling into something of a routine and I can once again think about writing blog posts and talking about things that have nothing to do with what I need to buy at the world’s largest Walmart down the street.  Seriously.  World’s largest.

As you’ve noticed, I did complete all of my 52 Ways to Care for Your Pastor over on the Standing Stone blog and scheduled them to litter your inbox every Friday.  You’re welcome.  I also (obviously) traveled to Arkansas in early June to find a rental house (just across the street from my daughter and grandsons BTW) and attended a beautiful wedding in Roseville, California.  I even managed to pack an entire house and garage in a couple of weeks just in time to cram it all into a 26-foot moving truck that we drove 1501 miles to our current residence.  Cram being the operative word.  We were just barely able to slide the door closed and lock it.  After a year of downsizing how did I still have so much stuff????  It’s pretty clear I still have some work to do on that front.

But I am here now.  This Sunday will be four weeks since we nearly died of heat exhaustion unloading the truck.  The house is orderly, pictures are hung, the garage is tidy, the grandsons start school in five days, and I find myself with a few minutes of spare time on my hands.  Along with spare time comes brain surges of ideas that I want to share with you.  I’ve missed you.

I’m looking forward to getting into a regular writing habit and reconnecting with my faithful readers and hopefully pick up new ones along the way.  I’ve got ideas, folks, and fresh inspiration from the beautiful green mountains and pasture lands I drive through every day.

Hiatus over.


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