Sometimes life happens….and not in a good way

Hi there!  It’s been quite a while since my last personal post.  Life happened.  Big time.  Without going into too much detail, because it isn’t just my story involved, The Hubz and I have been dealing with illnesses and life and death kinds of situations with both of our mothers.  The last two months have been exhausting, emotionally and physically.

Happily, most of the issues we’ve been facing are now resolved or will soon be resolved and I feel like being creative again.  I have been in a fog for many, many weeks.  I just couldn’t see too far ahead because the things in life needing immediate attention were too close, too consuming.

I also think I needed to take a break from all of the balls I juggle on a regular basis.  Blogging is one of those balls.  I enjoy writing very much, but it takes creative head space and I had none.  Nada.  Zip.

However, in the last few weeks I’ve found myself writing blog posts in my brain.  I’ve been thinking about stories, recipes, suggested books and all kinds of ideas that pertain to my goal in life; to live a God-honoring life as simply and as sustainably as possible. 

So, seeing how this post should be published the first day of December, which means ONLY 24 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS (sorry for screaming at you, but how the heck did that happen so fast???!!!???), I wanted to remind everyone to take the time for self-care during all of the crazy busyness of the holiday season.  I managed to send out an email to several women in ministry that I care for with a list of 10 ways to care for yourself during the holidays.  Below you’ll find the same list.  I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy one of the ideas or all 10 of them.

In no particular order here are 10 Ways To Care For Yourself during the holidays:

  1.  Take a walk.  You don’t need your Fitbit or heart monitor for this one.  Just step outside.  Enjoy the fresh air.  Breathe deeply.  Relax your shoulders.  Move.
  2. Listen to music.  If you have favorite tunes on your phone plug in those earbuds and dance away.  Turn up the music station on your television while you’re baking, cleaning, cooking, or chopping.  Tired of Christmas Carols?  Crank up the 80’s rock, light jazz, or classical tunes.
  3. Light a candle.  Pick a favorite scent and fill the air with the smell of gingerbread, no baking necessary.  Enjoy an afternoon cup of tea, the evening meal, or a luxurious bubble bath by candlelight.  Relax.
  4. Fire up the fireplace.  Nothing says winter and holidays like a roaring fire.  If you have a fireplace use it!  Crank that puppy up and toast your toes for 10-15 minutes or all night long.  Enjoy.
  5. Eat well.  Enjoy a few bites of holiday baking, just don’t overdo it.  Take the time to eat nutritious food.  Drink plenty of water.  Consciously make good eating decisions throughout the day and during those many holiday meals and parties.  Too much sugar and salt will leave you feeling worn out and worn down.  Fresh is best!
  6. Decorate with less.  This may be hard for those that have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations.  However, choosing to decorate with ONLY favorite items will mean less time spent decorating and more time spent enjoying.  Less clutter in your living space means less mental clutter as well.  Try it, you may really, really like it!
  7. Nap.  Twenty minutes of shut eye during a particularly busy day could be the difference between happy wife/mommy and grumpy wife/mommy.  Remember, if it works for a toddler it will work for you.  Just don’t sleep/relax for more than 20 minutes as falling into deep sleep could disrupt the rest of your day and lead to a sleepless night.
  8. Breathe.  Sit down.  Close your eyes.  Listen to your breathing.  Take deep slow breaths.  Slowly count to 6 as you breathe in.  Slowly count to 6 as you breathe out.  Roll the kinks out of your neck.  Relax your facial muscles.  Smile.
  9. Commit less.  Prioritize your appointments.  Don’t accept every invitation.  Bake less.  Shop less.  Simplify and enjoy the real reason for the season.
  10. Give yourself a gift.  While you’re out shopping, pick up a gift card for a massage, mani/pedi, facial, haircut or whatever else you fancy and then give it to yourself!!  Once the holidays are over you can look forward to a stolen hour or two to pamper yourself.  You’re worth it!

There you have it!  Do you think you’ll be able to carve out some time for yourself in the next three weeks or so?  I hope so.  You know, if you don’t make a plan to pamper yourself a little no one else will.  So go ahead, give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the nuances of the season.  With that, I’ll stop now.  I have a date with the tea kettle and a good book.



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