Sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning

Hello.  It’s me.  Back from a very long and painful journey.  Long story short; I lost my best friend. My beautiful, kind, fun, adventurous, fearless, inspirational mom passed away in February.  It has been a difficult transition for me.  Simply put – I miss her.  Every day.  I’m also trying to figure out the next steps in this new season of life.  I’ve been a full-time caregiver and part time everything else.  Now, however, I’m a part time caregiver to two of my grandsons and a full-time ??????  I’ve yet to define my “job”.  I have a ministry that I know will take up a large part of my time.  In fact, I can now give it my full attention and hopefully do a much better job.  I also anticipate doing much more writing on that blog and on this one.  I still have things to say!!

As with any new season of life I have to establish new habit patterns.  In a sense, I get the opportunity to start over; here on this blog and also with Standing Stone Ministry.  I am looking forward to both.  To that end I’m going to start writing.  I hope that I don’t bother y’all too much with frequent blog posts, but I think I need to allow my creative juices to flow in order to figure out the next steps of my own personal journey.

I have some very exciting news that has happened in the midst of all of the hard stuff.  I’ll save that for a later time, but it is REALLY EXCITING for me.  I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about death and dying and leaving a legacy.  I’ve already written a post with some Do’s and Don’ts when trying to reach out to the recently bereaved; I’ll post that in the next week.

During my mother’s memorial service I shared three things I learned from her.  I’ll be writing those down and sharing them with you. I think you’ll be inspired in the same way my mom inspired me.

That’s it for now.  I mostly wanted to pay tribute to my mom and share her picture with you. If you knew her, you would agree that she was an amazing human being who loved with all her heart. My heart definitely has a hole in it, but I have a lifetime of beautiful memories to comfort me.  I know that I am blessed.  My mom and I shared a relationship that others envied.  We were very close.  We enjoyed each other.  We respected each other.  We truly were best friends from my earliest memories.  How many people get to say that?

June Moyer 1921-2016
June Moyer 1921-2016

Sweet Nana, our tiny Junebug.  She will be greatly missed, but her lively spirit lives on in her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  Sorrow does last for a night, but there is joy in the morning.

See you in the morning, mom!



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