Standing Stone Ministry

I feel blessed to be associated with this outstanding ministry whose sole purpose is to “Shepherd The Shepherds.”  Ken and I are mentors as well as mentor trainers.  Ken is also the Director of Ministry and I am currently working to develop a Ministry Wives Support Network. We are honored to work alongside the founders of Standing Stone, Jim and Debbie Hogan.

The Standing Stone philosophy is simple – Standing Stone makes available a safe place where ministry couples can enjoy God’s beauty while being hosted with excellence and mentored in love.  The visiting ministry couple is provided the space, time and encouragement to:

Strengthen their relationship with God.

Strengthen their relationship with each other.

Develop a continuing relationship with their caring mentors.

This will help build strong ministry leaders.  Strong ministry leaders create strong followers of Jesus and strong followers of Jesus advance the Kingdom of God.  As these leaders are revitalized they, in turn, revitalize their followers.  They affect multitudes of people and those multitudes of people affect multitudes and the ripple just keeps going!  The ultimate return is enormous.  Healthy shepherds have healthy flocks.

Also, Standing Stone Ministry is currently raising up an army of retired and semi-retired pastors to become Standing Stone Ministry Associates.  A SSM Associate will come alongside to encourage, advise, and mentor men and women currently in full-time ministry.  They will also mentor young men and women graduating from Christian colleges who are quite often woefully unprepared for real life scenarios in ministry.

To learn more, simply click on this link for Standing Stone Ministry and read about this wonderful ministry and how you can learn about a retreat for yourself, your pastor, or how you can donate.

Or, you can contact for information on any aspect of the ministry of Standing Stone or the Associates program in particular or me at  I’m working with some wonderful ladies to develop a ministry geared toward ministry wives – Ministry Wives Rock.

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