Tea Time Tuesday

tea time Tuesday

Oops.  Yesterday got away from me and I forgot Tea Time!

Sit back, grab your cup of joe, iced tea, or Earl Grey and check out a few more websites and books you just may enjoy.

The Minimal List   – I’ve enjoyed following along with this family as they explore what minimalism means to them.

Simple Church by Thom S. Rainer & Eric Geiger  –  I’ve just started reading this book.  I’ll give a book review after I’ve finished, but the title alone has me intrigued.

Miss Minimalist  –  Minimal living first as a childless couple, then after the baby comes and lots, lots, more.  Every Monday she features one of her reader’s own stories.  Inspiring.

Reformation Acres  –  One of my favorite homesteading blogs.  I love how this family with 7 or 8 or maybe it is now 9 children live a simple life growing what they eat and eating what they grow.  She has great recipes, too!

So, Happy Tuesday!  ~ even though it is actually Wednesday in my neck of the woods, but shhhhh, I’ll never tell.

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