Tea Time Tuesday


tea time TuesdayAugust was a busy month for me.  Lots of travel and airplane trips.  I didn’t write much, but I did enjoy reading a few of these blog posts while I had limited internet access.

Grab a glass of iced tea, or perhaps a very large glass of lemon water, and peruse these articles.  You just might find them helpful, as I did.

Read about the importance of staying hydrated with this article from GNOWFGLINS.  It was a good reminder to me to get back to drinking water THE VERY FIRST THING every morning, even as the weather changes.  I’m now putting my favorite 1-1/2 pint glass out on the counter to be filled with water when I first walk into the kitchen – BEFORE – my cup of coffee.

I also liked this article on tart cherry juice and its many benefits.  While the article is anecdotal, I believe she does site a few sources for her info.  My thought –  What harm can it do?  It’s only cherry juice!  I’ve been drinking a bit of juice for the past two nights just before bed.  I think I’ve been drinking too much as I’ve had a hard time falling asleep initially, then when I do sleep I have a hard time waking up and feel groggy in the morning – much like I do after taking melatonin.  Interesting because the tart cherry juice acts much like melatonin in our bodies according to Dr. Mercola.  Tonight I will only take the suggested 1 tsp rather than the 1 Tbsp I took last night.  I’m not taking it just for the purported sleep benefits though, I’m really trying to get some relief from my Tennis Elbow (from too much time on the computer and no time on the courts).  Plus I’m hoping to head off knee and IT band complaints as I begin my training for a half marathon in December.  Fingers crossed it will work!  Here’s the link to The Healthy Home Economist and the article.  If you try it let me know if it works for you.  It could take several weeks though if you’re looking for relief from inflammation.

I liked this post from 2010 over at Be More With Less. This is her personal story of getting out of debt and the freedom and peace of mind that comes with it.  She references Dave Ramsey and His Financial Peace University.  I’ve taken Dave’s course and listened to his radio show.  Ken and I are debt free and I will never go back into debt again, credit card debt that is.  One day soon we will purchase a home with a bit of land and I doubt we will pay cash for it.  However, we will put down at least 20-30% and take advantage of the low interest rates and tax write offs (for as long as they are available!).  We have our $1,000 emergency fund and are building up a 6-8 month reserve to cover expenses (not wants, just the basic needs).  We are also very consciously living below our means with the occasional splurge that is always paid off at the end of the month.  We have one credit card with a Rewards Program.  We use the credit card for most of our expenses, i.e., cell phone bill, gasoline, restaurants, travel, etc.  We never charge anything that we can’t pay off when the statement comes in – which is to say, if we don’t have the money already in the bank we don’t purchase it that month.  With the rewards points we are able to cover expenses for travel – some for ministry purposes and some for personal travel.  In fact, we are taking a short trip to Oregon and Washington in October to refresh and recharge our batteries and ALL of the expenses – air and rental car – were covered by our earned rewards points!  Now how cool is that!

Because I love all things Apple Cider Vinegar I was jazzed to see this article in my inbox.  Sarah, over at The Healthy Home Economist shared a recipe for raw ACV that you can easily make for yourself.  I now have a half gallon jar fermenting away on my counter.  raw ACVIt cost pennies – really, just the cost of a few organic apples!  Now I will never have to fork over $5-6 a bottle.  Here is the link to the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar recipe so you can make it for yourself.

I hope you get a chance to sit down, relax for a few moments, and enjoy the posts above.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you found them helpful as well.




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