With Less You Get More

with less you get more

I am coming to understand this whole minimalism/simplifying thing.  I get rid of the extra stuff in my life and in doing so I make room for what is really important.  You see, having lots of stuff means having to take care of lots of stuff.  Clean lots of stuff.  Maintain lots of stuff.  I don’t know about you, but I hate moving something around to dust under it, then dust the item, then put it back in order to collect more dust. Some people choose not to maintain and clean their stuff with the added burden of living with clutter AND dirt.  It clutters up the mind and robs you of peace.  I mean, who can relax in clutter and dirt?  Not me.  Bet you can’t either.  Don’t deny it.  Clean and minimal is WAY more relaxing.

That’s why a portion of the following post resonated with me.  Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist wrote the following in a blog post titled, 5 Life-Giving Truths From Years of Living with Less.

“The potential of minimalism lies in the addition, not the subtraction. Minimalism is not the goal. Minimalism is, after all, less about the things you remove and more about the things you add. The potential of minimalism lies in what you choose to pursue with your life in place of material possessions. Choose contentment. Pursue gratitude and generosity. Invest in relationships, grow spiritually, discover truth, and find purpose. Your life is far too valuable to waste chasing possessions. And you’ll discover this life-giving truth as soon as you stop.”

Brilliant!  Genius! “The potential of minimalism lies in what you choose to pursue with your life in place of material possessions.”  If I am not consumed with all of my possessions (possessions = possess usn’s —- get it? I just made that up.  You can thank me later.) and accumulating even more possessions, then I have more to give to others.  More time, more money, more energy.  I will also have more to give to myself.  It is easier to find my purpose and passion if I’m not spending all of my time working to collect a paycheck in order to buy the newest and latest piece of you know what.  Without all of the unneeded, unnecessary stuff in my life I can focus on what gives meaning to my life!  What brings me joy.  What (and who) brings a smile to my lips and a light to my eyes.

A friend just emailed me and said:

“I have been slowly working towards simplifying my life over the past few years.  Of course, periodically I get off track and go and buy something I don’t need for more than I should spend to take to the thrift store eventually for nothing in return.”

Exactly, right?  We expend so much time and energy to accumulate things that we will eventually tire of and give away!  I know now that I’d rather save my money and be content with what I already have.  I am profoundly grateful for all of the blessings in my life.  I am profoundly grateful for my family, my friends, and my ministry.  I am learning I don’t need much.  In fact, the less I have the more freedom I gain.  I’m just not concerned with all the superfluous fluff anymore.

With less you get more.  Pretty profound.  I hope you discover that for yourself, too.

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